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Agadah Yoma 39B

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Shabbat Bo / Eruv is DOWN

  Eruv is DOWN this week. Rest of Schedule will be sent out Motzei Shabbat / Saturday night Friday Mincha 4:30 PM Candlelighting 4:34 PM Morning Services 9AM Shabbat Mincha 4:20 PM Havdalah 539PM Extended Sermon and Havdalah on Zoom 6:05 PM   Follow our website and blog at: Our Calendar is Here:

Today: a timely message from 1800 years ago

  Today: a timely message from 1800 years ago You can subscribe to the YouTube channel to see all our classes as they happen

Don't believe in Science!

  Science is a matter of knowledge rather than belief. Belief can be countered by the suggestion that "I believe differently" whereas knowledge is subject to empirical investigation. This is exactly why there is so much rejection of medical expertise at the moment: Many people have confused knowledge with belief. One believes in a given political system -it is very hard except in extreme cases to demonstrate that one system or approach is absolutely better than another. It takes centuries to decide a debate of this sort. Therefore politics and philosophy remain in the realm of belief. Science either stands up to scrutiny or doesn't. Since our knowledge is always changing and growing, what we know today is incomplete compared to what we will know tomorrow. As Jews, Jewish law and ethics require us to make our decisions on the basis of the best knowledge held by the mainstream of each profession in any given moment in history. Does that mean that medicine found in t

Some Thoughts on Dinah

Shimon and Levi were punishing the perpertrators and enablers of Dinah's abuse for her sake as an individual person, not because she "belonged" to the family - as is sometimes suggested. I would point to a subtle point in the syntax of the text. But throughout all of the Torah many things are taught to us with that subtlety of the classic exegesis. Often, when a sibling is described it says the "sister of X was Y" making the "sister(Y)" subordinate to the "X" as in our Parsha, later, "ואחות לוטן תמנע" But here, we it is written "אשר טמא דינה אחותם" that Shimon and Levi used deception and violence because Shechem defiled "Dinah their sister" the name first. Dinah as a person first then the relationship. It was the harm and abuse to Dinah that primarily drove them. Nachmanides explained that they slew the men of Shechem because they stood by and did not stop the attack on Dinah. Those who do not stop an evil

The return of Chanie Yaffe's Yiddish Class!

  Dear All, We are happy to announce that by popular request, Chanie Yaffe's Yiddish Class and Conversation Group resumes this Tuesday 11/17/2020 Rosh Chodesh Kislev, at 10 AM This interactive group explores the rich tradition of the  Yiddish  language as well as the basic elements of Yiddish speech and grammar. No  particular  level of knowledge is needed, just join us on zoom ( email or call office for link) Or, call into zoom on:  ( email or call office for link) Or,  join us on the Shul Facebook page: torah.1 Looking forward to seeing you (virtually) On Tuesday at 10AM.